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Greek Mythology

Ten Questions

1. Known in Latin as Saturn, this diety rose to power after castrating his father Uranus. He married his sister Rhea, and, with her, gave birth to the Olympian gods. Who was he?

2. She sprang fully formed from the head of Zeus and is the goddess to whom the Parthenon is dedicated. Her Latin name was Minerva. Who is she?

3. This twin sister of Apollo was the goddess of chastity. She is often depicted with bow and arrow. Who was she?

4. This head of the Olympian gods was known in Latin by the names Jupiter and Jove. In early Greek mythology, he wielded the thunderbolt. Who was he?

5. This son of Aphrodite in later Greek mythology was the son of Chaos in the earlier. He ruled over the creative drive that unites persons and establishes cities. Who was he?

6. The god of fertility and drink, this fun-loving diety represents the liberation of the affects from the strict control of reason. In Roman mythology he was known as Bacchus. Who was he?

7. This member of the muses was the inspiration behind the dance. Who was he?

8. This beautiful daughter of Zeus and Demeter was abducted by Hades and made queen of the underworld. She was the goddess of springtime. Who was she?

9. Posing as an eagle, Zeus abducted this boy to be his lover. In exchange, he was granted immortality. Who was he?

10. This "angelic" diety, the most clever of the pantheon, ruled over good fortune and sleep. He is often depicted wearing a helmet and winged shoes. In Latin he was known as Mercury. Who was he?

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